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Diana Boch was born in Seoul, South Korea, to Mexican-American father Alfredo Miranda and ​Korean born mother Yong Nan Yun. Diana spent the first 5 years in South Korea while her father was stationed at Kunsan Air Base, before moving to the United States. From there, she lived in California, Mississippi, Texas, among others, going from military base to base.

From a young age, Diana knew she wanted to be an artist. Along her journey, she has won awards for her artwork, attended the Art Institute of Las Vegas majoring in animation, received an Associate's Degree for Fashion Design at the California Design College, and has worked in the fashion industry, sharpening her skills and learning new sewing techniques for the past 10+ years.

Diana is currently busy working on a new clothing collection while raising a family. Diana is the mother of 4 amazing boys and is married to Myles Boch, having recently celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary.

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